Quality meat and fresh product choices at affordable prices for the Indonesian people

The journey of Suri Nusantara Jaya began in 1998 as an importer and distributor of imported meat with the vision to provide quality product choices to the Indonesian people. Quality has always been our top priority, driven by customers’ trust that has been built over the years. Beyond a distributor, we also provide reliable logistics support to all customers to ensure the smooth supply of products throughout the nation. To provide quality fresh meat to even more Indonesians, we strive to meet the daily food needs of the community through mid-markets and restaurants under our retail business unit. All of this is part of our grand vision to contribute to food security in Indonesia by providing high-quality food products at competitive prices. With full commitment, we hope to offer practical and affordable food solutions to all layers of society.
  • To be a government partner in achieving food security and price stabilization.
  • To be a company that educates the next geeration of the nation by providing high-quality, protein-rich, and nutritious food.
  • To improve the well-being of employees by fulfilling their primary, secondary, spiritual, and spiritual needs.
  • Prioritizing innovation with the latest technology
  • Developing intellectual human resources (according to individual capacity)
  • Running the company with high regard for good corporate governance as well as fair and transparent treatment of employees 
  • Establishing a robust food distribution network throughout Indonesia
  • Serving wholeheartedly beyond customer expectations
  • Providing products and services responsibly to both directly and indirectly impacted stakeholders

Working together towards
the vision of food security
in Indonesia

Our journey is guided by five pillars that serve as the foundation for all Suri Nusantara Jaya employees and management. These values reflect the essence of our corporate culture and guide us in every step we take towards realizing food security in Indonesia.



Basic employee attitude reflected in behaviors that align with facts, data, and the company's vision and mission


Performing tasks and duties with full awareness of the risks involved


An attitude of compliance with company values and regulations


Joint actions that complement each other to achieve a common goal in line with the company's vision and mission


Treating stakeholders, assets, and the environment with dignity and ownership